Welcome to Party Bike Barcelona booking platform!

You are just five minutes away of having your booking confirmation! :)

Remember that due to the free shuttle service the activity will finish up to 90 minutes later than the time indicated in the booking.

How does it work?


In Party Bike Barcelona we always try to make things easy for you. If you want to book with us just use the application above. Select the day, find your slot and fulfill the questionnaire with all your information. Don’t forget to use the comment section to add any of our extras or to any special request as soft drinks.

When you finalize the booking process a mail will be sent to the address you indicated with all the information about your booking, the meeting point and contact information once in Barcelona.

Arrived the day of the activity make sure you arrive on time to the meeting point. There will be our drivers with some buses to pick you up and carry you to the beach where the activity takes place, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes (depending on the traffic).

Once in the bike get ready for 60 or 90 minutes of pure fun! The driver of the bike will welcome you, explain you how our bike works and charge you the amount left to pay. Now it’s time to pedal! But no worries, this is not a spinning class, we will stop several times to play drinking games, prank the stag or the hen and do whatever is necessary to have a great time!

Then, when the activity is finished our drivers will pick you up again with the buses and you will be drooped again in the meeting point.