Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking our beer bike. All the truth, no place for lies. 🙂

  1. The cycle has a recomended capacity for up to 16 people (10 seats with pedals, 4 seats and 2 places in the middle where people can stand up).
  2. 1L beer or sangria per person is included. There is the possibility of replacing this amount by soft drinks provided the customer specifies it when booking.
  3. The conditions of the route are defined on this website.
  4. The driver has the right to deny any person the access to the cycle if he / she violates the next rules of behavior. In that case no refund will be possible.
    • Use of costumes that may be offensive to other road users.
    • Arrive to the activity in state of drunkenness.
  5. The driver has the right to terminate the activity if the standards of behavior that will be explained at the beginning of the activity are not met. In that case no refund will be possible.
  6. Our shuttle service is like a plane. It is highly recomended to arrive to the meeting point 15-20min before the booked time. In case of delays bigger than 5 minutes the driver may take your booking as cancelled. In that case no money will be refund.
  7. The route is subject to changes without prior notice due to local authorities’ interests or other events that make it impossible to carry out the activity at the location advertised on this website.
  8. The rental company reserves the right to cancel its activity due to  force majeure, private reason or other circumstances beyond the company’s control. In this case clients will be totally refunded.
  9. No refund policy will be applied in case of bad weather. Our beer bike has roof and we provide colourful raincoats. Changes are also permited if there is availability.
  10. I understand that Party Bike Barcelona is a website that only puts the customer in contact with the supplier of the activity. I accept that Party Bike Barcelona will manage my booking and transfer the information on this form to the provider company for the formalization of the booking. I understand that it is the provider company who will hold the deposit and with whom the contractual relationship is established.
¿Any doubt?
If you have any questions about the terms and conditions do not hesitate to contact us.